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Our Mission


Northern Hope Dog Rescue Society is a non-profit rescue organization dedicated to saving the lives of stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs from communities in Northern Canada.


Based out of Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia we work alongside our out of province partners in Saskatchewan and beyond, to give these dogs a second chance at life, finding them loving forever homes on the west coast.


Our Story


Northern Hope Dog Rescue Society was founded in 2016, initially working solely as a front-line based rescue, focused on saving dogs in need and transporting them to adoption based rescues within the province of Saskatchewan. It all started when one of our founders moved from Vancouver Island to a remote community in Saskatchewan to work as a psychiatric nurse. She immediately came face to face with the harsh realities some of these dogs face in isolated communities with no access to veterinary care or dog management programs. Coming across disease-ridden, injured, and suffering dogs was an every day occurrence and as a life-long dog lovers, we couldn’t stand by and do nothing. We rescued non stop for 1 year, working with rescue partners in south communities and local community members to save 181 lives. It was in that time, where we fell madly in love with these amazing dogs, their resilient nature and genuine gratitude to just be loved. 


Since our founders were re-united in BC, our love and passion for helping these dogs has remained. NHDRS has now transitioned to an adoption-based rescue, working with frontline rescuers in remote communities to save and adopt out stray and unwanted puppies and dogs to Vancouver Island and the greater Vancouver area.


Understanding the Problem in Canada


Isolated communities in Canada face many challenges in regards to accessing adequate services. Not only does this affect those living in the community, but also extends to the dog population. Most communities have no access to regular veterinary care to provide the most basic necessities - vaccinations against preventable diseases, such as parvo and distemper, spay/neutering to control the population and emergency vet care for acute injuries. Overpopulation of free roaming dogs also puts community members at great risk, from transmittable diseases, dog attacks and trauma related to the practice of dog culling, where dogs are shot and killed as a means of population control. 


The problem of dog over population in remote Canadian communities is extensive. Saskatchewan-based rescues are often at capacity, unable to take in all the dogs that need to be saved. Without out of province rescues assisting, many more dogs would die. 


We have the capacity to help give these dogs a second chance at life and a loving family that will give them the life they deserve. There are so many loving families here on the west coast who are eager to love a rescue dog, and dogs dying and suffering daily in our country. We are committed to bringing the two together and making a meaningful contribution to the communities we work with.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our mission!

Dana & Devon 


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