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Nhdr has been so supportive of us as we start out with fostering! we love the work they do and how dedicated they are to finding the best possible situation for each of their rescue dogs.

- morgan w

These are beautiful Canadian rescues brought to the West Coast by people who love dogs. Plucked from devastating conditions these dogs are  fostered and returned to full health before being carefully placed in their forever homes”

- Danna s

“Very supportive, we now have a beautiful girl we love so much already! I love that NHDR is so focused on making the right match, rally considering the needs of the dogs. We are eternally grateful!.”

- Michelle B

“First time foster for NHDR and have loved the experience! Thank you for saving so many and precious lives"

- Trysha H

“I found them a pleasure to adopt from and so easy to communicate with! I love that they help dogs in such tragic situtations. Each and everyone is so deserrving of help! Thank you for all you do.”

- Rebecca 

“Please share to family and friends! This wonderful society is dedicated to saving dogs.. incredible work!”

- Darlene 

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