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As a foster-based organization, we don't have a ton of "hands-on volunteer" opportunities with the dogs as the fosters do the bulk of the work.

However, we do need our incredible team of volunteers to help with many other roles that help keep the rescue running. 


Here are some of the roles we currently need volunteers for:


  • Transportation volunteers (must hold a valid driver's license and be over 21 years of age): 


  • Local transportation volunteers: this includes to and from vet appointments (lower mainland, Nanaimo area, and Victoria area)


  • Long haul transportation volunteers: to drive our precious cargo from Saskatchewan to BC


  • Fundraising volunteers: Help run or organize our amazing and super fun fundraisers.


  • Social Media Coordinator: help run our social media pages and connect with our amazing community


  • Foster Coordinator: help on-board new fosters and coordinate current foster placement here in BC


  • Volunteer coordinator: help matches the right volunteer to the perfect event, activity, or project.


  • Case Manager: Build incredible relationships with our fosters and dogs, while guiding them through readying their foster dog for their forever home.


  • Home Visit Volunteer: Complete virtual home visits for us with potential fosters and adopters to ensure the right fit for our pups and our humans.


  • Supply manager/coordinator: Help make sure we have enough supplies on hand to keep our pups pampered and cared for. Manage supplies and ensure each foster has what they need for success.


If you are interested in volunteering with NHDRS please complete the form specifying the role you are applying for and any related experience! We look forward to hearing from you! 

Success! Message received.

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