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Separation Anxiety Series Part 2 - how to prevent or start to help.

START RIGHT AWAY - From the first day you get your puppy or bring a new dog home, start expecting them to spend quiet alone time. This can be in their crate, in a separate room, or with you making short trips out of the house. Do this multiple times a day.

START WITH SHORT PERIODS OF TIME - 10-15 minutes and gradually increase the time from there. Don't expect them to be superstars right off the bat, start slow, keep the anxiety low, and let the time grow gradually.

MAKE SURE THEIR NEEDS ARE MET FIRST - make sure your puppy or dog is toileted, fed (if it's around mealtime), and exercised to be tuckered out before placing them in alone time. This capitalizes on natural canine rhythms and has them in a happy, relaxed state.

ADD COMFORTS - toss in an item that smells like you, turn on a lavender diffuser, or leave a radio playing softly in the background.

These 4 tips lay your foundation for successful separation. Follow us for Part 3 of the series next week for more tips on desensitizing, making alone time rewarding, and common mistakes we all make.


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