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Remember Lucy’s Grey’s Anatomy Litter?

Well we were able to have our very first family reunion, bringing Lucy and her puppies together! It was such a wonderful day seeing this sweet family reunite again and getting to spend time with our adopters, the ones who have given each and every one of these dogs amazingly loved lives. Something we will be forever grateful for.

Lucy was rescued along with her 3 day old puppies back in October from a community in Saskatchewan. They were at risk of being killed in a cull and were living in an outdoor dog house. Lucy was emaciated and suffering from a facial infection caused by being quilled by a porcupine. She has had a very long road to recovery, one filled with many surgeries and procedures and has been such a brave girl throughout it all. Now she is living a wonderful life with her mom, who of course, “foster failed” with this very special girl.

And how are Lucy’s puppies...? Well these big 7 month old pups are thriving in their forever homes. They all have their momma’s beautiful temperament and are thriving with their families.

Check out all the fun below! We have included descriptions with the photos to let you know you who is who and some throwback photos of their time in NHDRS care.


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