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🖤🐾 Miko Adopted 🐾🖤

It has been a long road but our girl Miko kna Mika finally found her forever home and it wasn’t without the help of some amazing resources here on Vancouver Island.

We rescued Miko almost one year ago as a stray puppy from northern Saskatchewan. She was adopted, however sadly returned to our care 6 months later with an ACL tear requiring TPLO surgery. Miko’s road to recovery was challenging to say the least. It was a struggle to keep this bouncy, energetic and adventurous girl on activity restrictions to promote healing and we quickly learned that Miko also lacked basic obedience and had several problematic behaviours such as mouthing, impulse control and jumping.

Thanks to Dr. Bolliger at WAVES Miko’s ACL tear was repaired. She underwent weeks of recovery monitored by our incredible vet partners at Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital and was finally healed enough to start working on her training. We sought out the expertise of Poppy and Rebecca at Nanaimo K9 Training and Rehabilitation via their board and train program to help Miko develop the training and obedience needed to become adoptable. Miko thrived with their guidance and is now a completely different, well balanced and receptive dog and we are so unbelievably proud of her. We cannot thank them enough for giving Miko her life back. Miko has found the perfect home with her dad Wade, who absolutely adores her. Their days are filled with countless outdoor adventures, swimming in the ocean and exploring her new home on an acreage. A huge thank you to Miko’s fosters Meghan, Gabriella and Josh for loving Miko and remaining by her side during her recovery. Miko would not be here without your help and for that we are forever grateful, and so is she...just look at that cheeky grin 😆 Happy life sweet girl!!


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