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Do you remember our injured puppy, Lexi from Lucy’s Grey’s Anatomy Litter?

When Lexi arrived in our care at just three days old, she had a small sore on her back that rapidly developed into cellulitis. At just one week old, she had to undergo aggressive antibiotic treatment for a severe infection that threatened her life. We wondered if it was caused by a quill from Lucy’s face, which was worsened by Lucy trying her best to keep her baby clean. We were extremely worried for Lexi’s wellbeing during this time, fearing that the infection would worsen.

Luckily Lexi was in the loving care of her amazing foster mom Meghan, who fostered Lucy and her litter of 7. Meghan tended to Lexi daily, cleaning the wound, applying topical antibiotics, administering medication and monitoring all interactions with Lucy to ensure the wound was remaining clean. We knew how important it was for Lexi to remain with her mom and siblings, but the risk was there that Lucy would instinctually clean the wound, furthering the infection. Thanks to Meghan’s care, Lexi recovered from her infection and had the chance to spend 7 full weeks with her mom.

Understandably, through all of this, Lexi and Meghan fell madly in love with one another. When it came time for Lexi’s adoption, Meghan knew she was already home and officially adopted her. Now Lexi is living the most amazing life beside the woman who saved her and we couldn’t be happier. What’s even more wonderful is that Lexi gets to visit with her adopted siblings all of the time as well. Ninja, Tubbs, Ace and Wickett were all adopted in Chemainus, which means these 5 pups get to grow up together. The happiest of endings for this very sweet family.


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