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How you can Help!!

We get a lot of questions from our followers about how they can help us save these amazing Canadian dogs. Here are a few ways in which you can help us help them:

1. Donate - we accept e-transfers to our e-mail northern and also have a gofundme page link attached to our page.

We are a non-profit organization that puts all of our adoption fees and donations directly back into the care of our dogs. Each dog we adopt out to a loving home, allows us to save another dog in need. Most of our costs come from transporting these dogs from Saskatchewan to B.C., each dog's transport cost $105.

We also spend a significant amount of funds on medical costs, to give you some perspective, last month alone we spent over $3,300 on veterinary costs alone. We rely solely on our adoption fees and donations to keep our rescue efforts going and ensure our dogs heal from their horrible pasts.

2. Provide Supplies - we are always looking for donations of supplies, mainly puppy food, toys, and treats to make our dogs comfortable and healthy while waiting for their forever homes. We also look for crate donations in Saskatchewan.

3. Share our posts - every share helps us spread the word regarding our cause. The more people know about our rescue, the more help and homes we can find.

4. Transport - if you or someone you know is flying from Saskatoon or Regina to Vancouver or Vancouver Island and are willing to add a pup to their ticket, let us know! Flying dogs with a flight companion is significantly cheaper than flying them unaccompanied on a cargo plan, sometimes double or triple the cost. This month alone, we have incurred over $1,200 in transportation costs.

We and our amazing dogs are forever grateful for all of the help we have received from kind hearted, dog loving people...from our transport volunteers, to our fosters, to those who donate, we thank you!


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