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**Happy NEWS**

In these difficult times, we want to share some happy news about a past adoptable, Paddington.

Paddington came to us several months ago from a community in northern Saskatchewan. He was found on the side of the road, unable to walk or bare weight on his front legs. Once in our care, he was diagnosed with malnutrition and intestinal parasites. He spent several weeks gaining strength, growing and healing before finding his forever family in Victoria, B.C.

Paddington is now thriving. You would never know he was unable to walk when he first rescued. It’s amazing what love and safety can do for a dog in need.

Thank you to Amanda his frontline rescuer in northern Saskatchewan for saving his life, Taryn his medical foster in Regina who nursed him back to health; Lily his flight parent who ensured he made his way to us safely and Lindsay and family for giving him such a wonderful life.


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