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💙🐾 Sparky Update 🐾💙

Sparky is continuing to do well in our care. His wounds are healing significantly as seen below. The top right photo was at the time of rescue, the bottom right was just a few days ago. It’s incredible what love, safety and medical care can do.

We would like to thank Rez Animal Rescue for alerting us to Sparky and asking us to take him into our care. We would also like to thank Connected Canine for completing his behavioural assessment and contributing to his initial vet care. Another huge thank you to Otter Point Vet who has taken on this special boy and who are dedicated to helping us get him well. And of course his wonderful foster family who are ensuring Sparky is safe and receiving the love and care he needs.

It takes many people to save just one dog and we are forever grateful for those who are equally as dedicated to helping dogs in need.

Stay tuned for more updates as his road to recovery will be a long one, but we are sure that his future will bright and full of love.


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