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🌸 Shyla’s Story 🌸

Back in October, we worked with our dear friends at Bright Eyes Dog Rescue to save 41 beautiful lives from Saskatchewan who were at risk of being killed in a cull – 5 moms and 36 puppies. One of those special moms was Shyla, who was in every sense a feral dog who had been abused and lived her whole life outdoors. She was found in an ice den with her litter of puppies, who were all terrified and certainly near death given the frigid temperatures.

Shyla showed excessive fear and anxiety from the moment she arrived into our care. She was terrified of going outside, walking on a leash and even being touched by her foster mom. She would have non-stop accidents in the house and even engaged in destructive behaviours due to the severity of anxiety; however at no time did she display any semblance of aggression. Poor Shyla was just scared.

It has been a very long road to healing for Shyla, learning that she has nothing to fear and is safe and loved. She has come such a long way though, with the dedication and love of some very important people…including her whelping foster home mom, Bonnie who helped her transition into indoor living and helped care for her litter of puppies. Bernadette, of Nanaimo Pet Services also played an integral role in Shyla’s recovery, providing our fosters with support and behavioural care plans to help support Shyla’s progress. And finally, Shyla’s current foster, Melissa & Mark who have just informed us they will be “foster fails” adopting this very sweet and deserving girl! We cannot thank you enough for opening your hearts and home to Shyla, for loving her, for being dedicated to her recovery and for seeing all of her potential. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome for her, and are so relieved knowing she will have you both by her side for the rest of her life.


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